Rare Fox Body Mustang Stamping Found On Facebook Marketplace 

The Facebook Marketplace is often a breeding ground for questionable ideas or the sale of peculiar creations. It serves as a source of watercooler talk entertainment and, in certain instances, prompts a reevaluation of one’s bank account to make unconventional purchases possible without the knowledge of the significant other.. However, occasionally, amidst the sea of oddities, there are strikingly rare and bizarre items that manage to capture our attention, even if their sole purpose ends up being nothing more than Fox Body wall art.


The Marketplace Works In Mysterious Ways

Jeff Hershberger is a dedicated Fox Body enthusiast who is currently undertaking the restoration of his original 1985 Mustang GT. He first owned the car back in the early 90s but was unfortunately forced to part ways with it. Ever since, he has vigilantly kept an eye out for its reappearance online. Recently, the persistence paid off when Jim, Jeff’s brother, recognized the old Fox Body from the blue-with-white-stripe paint job Jeff had applied years back. However, the Mustang had endured significant damage from a collision. Despite this setback, Hershberger remains confident that if he could track down his long-lost car through Facebook Marketplace after decades of waiting, sourcing parts shouldn’t pose too much of a challenge.

“I’ve been browsing for cool parts so that I could start rebuilding the ’85 this year,” states Hershberger. “I stumbled across this panel and immediately knew I wanted to preserve it.” So, after a few messages were exchanged, the product was now in the Hershyz garage. When asking the original owner where it came from, he explained that he was at a swap meet at the Canfield Fairgrounds in Canfield, Ohio, when someone offered it to him free of charge. The original purchaser was intending to use it as replacement panels on his race car. However, the uniqueness of the stamping was too valuable to cut up. 

Not For Sale

A piece like this isn’t something you typically stumble upon for sale online, and Hershberger has made it clear that he has no intention of parting with it. However, his daughter has already mentioned that it needs to be included in the will for her to own after his passing, to which Hershberger jokes, “I’m only 47!” Regardless, we appreciate seeing body-in-white designs and stampings, as they showcase the early stages of a car’s production, and this piece is undeniably cool!

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